VFU Fresher’s Guide: Around the Dorms

The ‘VFU Fresher’s Guide’ is a series of picture guides. Each guide annotates and explains Brno in the order that you will experience it in. e.g. Arrival, Dormitory & Campus. The guide is designed for; VFU Freshers, VFU Erasmus, VFU Summer School & your visitors.

In the third part of this series I will take you on a short walk around the dormitory to give you a better idea of the important places in your new surroundings. Content include; the Bar- Topas, Bus to the supermarket, up the hill-Namesti Miru.


How to Read this Guide:

The pictures will, quite literally highlight, the important elements of this area via bright halos (hereafter ‘h’). Pay attention to these halos, as they will be identified and shortly described. All halos will be described in a left-right order.



Topas Club is the name of a bar that is located below block A. To get to Topas, you can use either of it’s entrances;

  • Front Entrance: To the left of the dormitory’s door.
  • Rear Entrance: From the Tennis court on the back of the dormitory. (refer to last image). Note: If you buy a bicycle, this is also where the bicycle room is. I highly recommend using it as bicycles are some of the most stolen items in Brno.

Below is an image showing you the front door of Topas.

  • H1; Left- Front Door. Further to the left one can see the path from the Main Entrance..
  • H2; Right- is the door to the Bar called ‘Topas’. You can order food and drinks at Topas, great for days when you’re exhausted from farm trips or studying for a test

So now that we’ve seen Topas, let’s proceed to leave the dormitory and get to the bus stop. To do so, you can either follow the path on the right of the image-right or leave by the front entrance and turn left.


Bus 81/68

Below is a view from the bus stop the dormitory’s side of the road.

  • H1; Left- Across the street is the Bus-stop for Buses going down the hill  (check table below for supermarket).
  • H2; Right- With the fence of the Dormitory on your left/ behind you, you are at the Bus-stop for Buses going up the hill.

Below is a condensed timetable for the buses and important bus-stops.

Bus 81 (Autumn/ Winter)-Namesti Miru: Last stop* and Tram 4-Tabor: Tram 3, Small Supermarkets
-Klusackova: Walk to Uni, Billa, Public Library**
Bus 68 (Spring/ Summer)-Namesti Miru: Last stop* and Tram 4-Tabor: Tram 3, Small Supermarkets
-Klusackova: Walk to Uni, Billa, Public Library**
-Stefanikova***: Uni, Bus 67 to Tesco
Bus N89 (Night bus)-Ceska- City centre
-Silingrovo Namesti- Two Faces, MayDay, Vibe
-Hlavni Nadrazi- main station.
*Once an hour this bus goes further.

**MZK- Moravske Zemske Knihovna, free access.

***Bus 68 stops closer to front entrance of VFU, Bus 81 does not.


Walk Up the Hill

This image is taken at the very base of the small climb up the hill*. Walk straight up the hill towards the Church, once at the top, continue following the footpath to the left as it leads to a large park.

  • H 1; Centre- Church of Saint Augustine. You will hear it’s bell ring once a day, at around noon.

*Fun fact: The hill is called ‘Kravi Hora’, roughly translating to ‘Cow Mountain’, vet school follows you everywhere.

Having followed the footpath and walked into the park, this should be your view, you are now at ‘Kraví hora’. As shown in the picture below, the park features a free-to-use tennis/badminton/volleyball court.

Below is a view from a higher point in Kravi Hora. It shows you the other parts of the park, like the little pond.

  • H1; Top- Tennis / Badminton / Volleyball court.
  • H2; Middle- Pond.
  • Church-left: The tram stop ‘Namesti Miru’ is located here. Tram 4 and Bus 81/68 can be boarded here.

To put things into perspective this the the view from the opposite side. On the very left of the image is where I took the previous image from.

  • H1; Left- Kravi Hora.
  • H2; Middle- Tram 4 stops here. Do not board the tram here.
  • H3; Right- Tram 4 and Bus 81 leave from here. Tram 4 boarded here takes you to the city-centre. Whereas Bus 81 boarded here, makes a U-turn and takes you towards the dormitory.

Here is a closer look at the tram stop & bus stop.

  • H1; Green- Bus 81 stop (to the dorms).
  • H2; Yellow- Tram 4 stop (to the centre).
  • H3; Red- Brnenka Supermarket- stale bread & generally overpriced but in case you cannot go to Billa.


Something I forgot to mention earlier was that there is a lot to do atop Kravi Hora. Simply walk up the hill and explore, you will find the following:


Back to the Dorms

I walked down a small path behind the Brno Planetarium to arrive on the left side of the dormitory, which is pictured below.

  • H1; Left-most- is for buses going downhill.
  • H2; Left-centre- is for buses going uphill.
  • H3; Right- is marks the side-entrance (left) to dormitory. This is the side you use to walk to Uni. When entering through this entrance you will see the outer seating area for the bar Topas and the Tennis-Court. The Tennis-Court can be rented at the reception- it is cheaper for residents of the dormitory.

Congratulations, you’re now fully briefed on the area around you, so you know where to go and what during your free-time!

Thank you for reading this far, I hope this helped you, if it did, I would love to hear from you in the comments or in person! If it didn’t and you have suggestions or need further help, comment below.


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