VFU Fresher’s Guide: Arriving in Brno

The ‘VFU Fresher’s Guide’ is a series of picture guides. Each guide annotates and explains Brno in the order that you will experience it in. e.g. Arrival, Dormitory & Campus. The guide is designed for; VFU Freshers, VFU Erasmus, VFU Summer School & your visitors.

The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science (UVPS, Brno) also known as ‘Veterinární a farmaceutická univerzita Brno’ (VFU, Brno) , offers many opportunities for foreign students to study in Brno. For example- the Master’s Degree English Study Programme for Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy. Besides the Masters’s Programmes, is also the Erasmus Programme! Evidently, we see our share of foreigners at VFU / UVPS Brno.

Being a foreigner AND a fresher is both exciting and nerve-racking. Having been in your shoes myself, I’ve created the VFU Fresher’s Guide, to make your new life in Brno problem-free and easy. Links to the whole series can be found at the end!

With the intro out of the way, I congratulate you and welcome you to VFU! The first year is always an exciting and memorable one.


How to Read this Guide:

The pictures will, quite literally highlight, the important elements of this area via bright halos (hereafter ‘h’). Pay attention to these halos, as they will be identified and shortly described. All halos will be described in a left-right order.


New Beginnings: Your First View of Brno

Given the capacity of Brno’s airport, it does not receive flights from many of the major airlines. As a result, most of us travel to Brno by the Student Agency (yellow buses) from Prague or Vienna.

Irrespective of where you departed from, the majority of these buses stop at the station ‘Brno, AN* u hotelu Grand‘ (there are others!). Right in front of the (*=)Bus Station is the Hotel Grand.

The image below is what will be your first view of Brno (after you walk 200m to the left of the bus-stop.)

  • H1; Left- Main TRAIN Station.
  • H2; Right- Hotel Grand.

Here’s a view from Hotel Grand towards the Bus Station:

  • H1; Left- Hotel Grand Entrance
  • H2; Right- Your Bus Stop- Brno, AN* u hotelu Grand

Below is a closer view of the Bus Station you will arrive at; ‘Brno, AN* u hotelu Grand’. Note that, since the last year, Flixbus is also operating in Czech Republic (hereafter CZ).

  • H1; Left- Student Agency Ticket Booth + Arrivals Display
  • H2; Right- FlixBus Ticket Booth.



Once you’ve collected your baggage from the bus, you can even grab a quick snack and drink from the vending machines at the stop- alternatively, there are many fast-food shops towards the main train Station- Brno Hlavni Nadrazi (literally Brno + Main + Station).

Now turn towards Grand Hotel/ your left and this should be your view. You should now begin walking towards the main train station. Here is what you see;

  • H1; Left – Student Agency Bus and Logo (highlighted)
  • H2; Right- Main Train StationBrno Hlavni Nadrazi

As you walk closer towards the main station, you will be at the point shown in the very first image of this post. Keep walking ahead, you can eventually cross to the right or take the underground passage. Either way, you will be met with this view.

  • H1; Left-top- ‘Brno Hlavni Nadrazi’ sign.
  • H2; Left-bottom- Brno Hlavni Nadrazi / Main Station Entrance.
  • H3-5; Green- Stairways to/from the Underground Passage. These are important as they take you to Tesco, Vankova Shopping Centre and generally help you avoid traffic. The Underground Passages double as a cheap-wares market with multiple Vietnamese-run shops along it’s length- a great pay to buy adapters and a lock, key.

Here is the view from the other end of the tracks. The Main Station is clearly visible on the right and the Swiss-cheese building is visible on the left.

  • H1; Left- Ticket Machine You can buy a ticket here, the cheapest ticket costs 20 CZK, but at 15 minutes, it’s near useless. For 25 CZK, you can get a ticket that is valid for 60 minutes. Don’t forget to validate your ticket inside (yellow machines) the trams / buses you take!
  • H2; Centre- Tram 4- Towards the Dorm. This is the platform you board tram 4 from, if you want to go to the Dormitory.
  • H3; Right- Tram 4- Arrival from the Dorms. This is the platform you will arrive on, when you take the tram to the centre.


Almost there!

At present, Tram 4, is not going the whole way up the hill it stops at ‘Uvoz’, it normally terminates atop the hill at ‘Namesti Miru’. Hopefully, by the time of your arrival this has changed.

  • H1- Tram 4 Terminus ‘Namesti Miru’. This is where Tram 4 stops.
  • H2- Tram 4 Departure platform. This is where Tram 4 departs from. This is also where you board Bus 81/68 down the hill towards the dormitory.  Do not let this worry you as the bus simply takes a U-turn and heads towards the dormitory.

If you decide to take the Bus do note that the dormitory is an ‘On Signal’ / ‘ Na Znameni’ Stop! Be sure to press the stop button, firmly and once (two presses symbolizes something else)- occasionally the sound is not audible, but look check to see if the Stop Light is now active. Below is the view from the Dormitory’s side of the road, you will disembark on the Red side.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the dormitory! Your next step is to head to the Reception, Provide some ID & Register- to find out more, head on over to part two: ‘VFU Fresher’s Guide: Kounicovy koleje’

Thank you for reading this far, I hope this helped you, if it did, I would love to hear from you in the comments or in person! If it didn’t and you have suggestions or need further help, comment below.



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