VFU Fresher’s Guide: Getting to Campus

The ‘VFU Fresher’s Guide’ is a series of picture guides. Each guide annotates and explains Brno in the order that you will experience it in. e.g. Arrival, Dormitory & Campus. The guide is designed for; VFU Freshers, VFU Erasmus, VFU Summer School & your visitors.

The fifth part of the ‘VFU Fresher’s Guide’ series, shows you how to get to VFU from the dormitory.


How to Read this Guide:

The pictures will, quite literally highlight, the important elements of this area via bright halos (hereafter ‘h’). Pay attention to these halos, as they will be identified and shortly described. All halos will be described in a left-right order.


Where You Live.

Kaunicovy Koleje is located in the part of Brno called ‘Brno-Žabovřesky‘. Our university, formally called ‘Veterinární a farmaceutická univerzita Brno‘, is located in the part of Brno called ‘Brno-Královo Pole.

  • By Foot: getting to uni takes on average 18-20 minutes. My own rule of thumb is to try to leave 30 minutes before a practical, this allows you to walk at a comfortable pace & gives you enough time to change into scrubs / farm clothes etc. when needed. Total: 19 minutes.
  • By Bus 81/68: it takes 4-5 minutes in the bus + 5-6 minutes on foot the rest of the way to campus. Total: 11 mins.
  • By Bicycle: it takes a measly 6-7 minutes to university, when you’re really that late. Total: 7 mins.

As for the actual journey, start by leaving from the left-gate of the Dormitory. In case you’re not sure how to orient, I mean left from the front door, as seen below:

Simple follow this street straight down the hill.


You are now literally at the juncture of the streets ‘Veveří & Minská’. On this street is the tram stop ‘Tabor‘ which is serviced by Tram 3 & 11.

  • H1; Right- Walk towards this building.
  • Image Left; to board trams towards the City-centre.
  • Image Right; to board trams towards the Brno-Reservoir/Lake and Brno Zoo.

Here’s the view to the right (I took it from across the road, my bad), trams boarded here take you away from the centre.

With the building in your view, keep following the road as it curls to the left and use the underground passage to cross to the other side. After doing so, keep walking down to this park to the rightmost Halo.

  • H1; Path to Underground Passage
  • H2: Left- Exit from Underground Passage on opposite side.
  • H3; Right- walk towards this mark.

A view from the other side of the road, H3 from the previous image is clearly visible below.

You are now look standing facing the street ‘Jana Babáka’. Cross the street using the zebra crossing to your left and walk towards Halo on the right.

  • H1; Left- Crosswalk
  • H2; Right- walk towards this mark.

Here is the view from across the street Jana Babáka. To the left you can see H2 from the previous image, continue walking towards it.

  • H1; Left- walk towards this mark.
  • H2; Right- this is where you will be coming from when you get off Bus 81/68. There is also a BILLA supermarket down this street.

A deeper look down the street labelled H2 in the previous image (Billa, Bus 81 stop).

As you continue walking, this should be your view. Walk to the highlighted point and turn left.

After doing so, follow the curve of the path through the little park.

Follow the path to the highlighted point.

You’re almost there!

Congratulations! You’re made your way to our campus! This is the back-side of our campus and highlighted to the left is the back-gate.

  • H1; Left- Back Gate.

Pass through the back gates and walk to this building. This is the ‘Study and Information Centre’ or SIC. On the first floor of this building, in the central ‘column’ is the coordinator for the English Program who you will complete your paperwork with.


The End!

This post is the last of the series, I really hope they were helpful to you, I’ve poured days into making them and getting the pictures right, so if you found them helpful, please do let me know! A few kind words go a long way! If you still require any further help, feel free to contact me through this website or look me up on facebook!



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