It’s Chai…like tea?

Chances are, that if I met you in Europe that's probably how our first conversation began. My real name is Chaitanya Patil. I'm originally from Mumbai and I've come to Brno to become a Veterinarian.

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What is VETcetera about?

VETcetera is simply an amalgamation of my vocation and hobbies into a single platform.

  1. Veterinary Medicine

My primary purpose in creating this website is to share resources, study techniques and even my notes. Vet School can be difficult, I hope to make it easier for my readers!

2. Photography: Macro & Flash Photography

Photography is a hobby that impacted and shaped my life the most! To me, it is both a creative outlet and a stressbuster. I particularly enjoy Flash photography and Macro Photography and intend to write about these topics.

3. Expat Life in Czech Republic

Czech Republic, like any other country, has it's quirks. Learning to navigate these limitations is part of the fun of being an expat here. I enjoy sharing my experiences and life-hacks to living in CZ or just Brno in the hopes that it helps someone else!

4. Fish: Killifish

Piscine healthcare and medicine is quite an unexplored field. Additionally having grown up keeping pet fish, they are also an area of interest for me, personally. I especially adore African killifish and run Killifish & Me.